Skopelos is the Green Diamond! It is one of the North Sporades islands, filled with dense forests and it is considered to be the greenest island in the Aegean Sea. The town of Skopelos is a traditional island town with characteristic architecture and beautiful cobbled streets. It has been declared as a heritage settlement.
The island’s waters are of the cleanest and clearest in Greece. The geological morphology of Skopelos offers a variety of beaches like the sandy Stafilos, the pebbled Milia or the stoney Panormos. The harmonic coexistence of crystal waters and rich vegetation has earned Skopelos the title of “the green and blue island”. The numerous creeks, the caves and the open sea beaches attract swimmers, divers and sailors from all over the world.

It is obvious why Skopelos was chosen for the shooting of the great Hollywood production “Mamma Mia”!
Like Amanda Seyfried, one of the “Mamma Mia” stars, said:
“I dream of settling there permanently at some point. I love the food, drinking ouzo, the landscape, the people. Every day, after the shooting, I used to go for a walk in Skopelos before the sunset. It was heaven.”